RCT Enterprise:

So Much More Than The Free Tools.

The tools and features in RCT Enterprise help you better address the most challenging tasks in ConfigMgr, helping everyone in your IT Department respond to problems faster, more accurately, and more easily than ever before.

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Smart Reports, Better Queries

Reporting isn't just about surfacing environment data. It's about taking action based on that data. The Quick Query tool and RCT Security & Compliance Dashboards let you surface, refine, and act on environment data immediately.

T.S. Content & Troubleshooting

Windows 10 changes how organizations deploy Operating Systems. The Status Message Viewer and Content Information Dashboard help you keep your Task Sequences healthy and fully up to date. 

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Single-Purpose Devices 

Creating single-purpose kiosks shouldn't require repetitive, manual steps. With Kiosk Manager, you can create and configure profiles for these types of devices, and then deploy en-masse.

End-User Easy Button

Managing large numbers of devices has the potential for large numbers of tech support tickets. The Unified Write Filter Manager helps you enable your end users to self-help with their devices without compromising I.T.'s ability to manage and update.

In-Console Automation

Automation should only be limited by your imagination. RCT Builder and Runner let you create and share custom right click tools for tasks all over the console. 

Security Tools Made Easy

The security needs of your environment don't have time to wait. Keep your house in order with tools to execute BitLocker management functions, view keys, and even pull LAPS information straight from the console with the Security Submenu.